Elevating the Standard of Healthcare

At Purgenix™, we believe in saving lives by converting the air hospital patients, visitors and staff breathe by employing the next generation of pure with our revolutionary ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) technology for air handling units, called the PurgenixMatrix™.

PurgenixMatrix at Dothan Hospital

Hospital-acquired infections (HAIs), known in the healthcare industry as nosocomial infections, are increasingly being recognized as preventable. Infectious pathogens, which may have no adverse effect on a healthy individual, can be life threatening to a patient with a compromised immune system.

Hospitals currently employ multiple technologies, products and procedures for cleaning, disinfecting, and sterilizing different aspects of the hospital environment. The PurgenixMatrix™ augments these best-practice techniques by delivering the first hospital-wide, systemic approach to air disinfection. We reduce the risk of airborne HAIs and provide healthier air for patients, staff, and visitors alike through addressing pure air at the source, the HVAC system.

PurgenixMatrix™ generates an intense UVGI energy field that kills or deactivates infectious pathogens both in the passing air and on AHU interior surfaces.

So regardless of the source of harmful airborne pathogens – outside air, return air, or damp AHU climate – the PurgenixMatrix™ will produce clean air downstream for a healthier hospital environment that will support an elevated standard of care.

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How is the Purgenix™ solution different?

Portable PurgenixMatrix System

Purgenix™ offers a unique combination of state-of-the-art technology and ongoing support.

The PurgenixMatrix™ is an open platform designed to address the individual needs of each installation. The total coverage UVC array provides maximum defense against airborne pathogens and comes with a guarantee of continued optimal performance and service from a trusted supplier. With Purgenix™ as a trusted partner, our customers can focus on their primary mission, providing first class patient care.

PurgenixMatrix™ helps hospitals achieve an elevated standard of care through passive compliance. This means doctors, nurses, and staff need not adopt any new procedures nor take any actions to enjoy these benefits.

Purgenix™ will design and install your custom PurgenixMatrix™ and follows you through the entire service lifecycle. You receive personalized customer care as we keep you up-to-date on market and research advancements to maintain pure air within your industry.

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PurgenixMatrix™ delivers High Tech, Economic and Green Healthcare solutions

Dirty HVAC Coils

Clean HVAC Coils

The PurgenixMatrix™ open platform utilizes the most up-to-date and proven technology available.

Purgenix™ continues to track the latest developments in UVGI technology, in order to develop beneficial innovations for our customers. The benefits of our UVGI technology go beyond the reduction of Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI). Continually clean cooling coils ensure optimum heat exchange and airflow that achieves reduced HVAC chiller energy consumption. Chillers consume a significant share of hospital energy, so the resulting savings can be substantial. Additionally, savings of capital conservation are achieved by extending the useful life of costly HVAC assets.

The application of UVGI technology is both clean and green by eliminating the need for harmful and corrosive chemicals to clean cooling coils; chemicals that can vaporize and circulate into the air-stream when applied.

With Purgenixas your partner, you can sit back and take a deep, clean breath!

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Ongoing Benefits from our EfSA Program

Upon committing to a higher standard of care, your partner Purgenix™ will begin delivering that higher standard, via our Energy Field Sustainability Agreement™ (EfSA) is the critical element for sustaining, assuring and, ultimately, maximizing your investment. It is critical to ensure that the PurgenixMatrix™ energy field continues to perform as designed. Your investment will continue to be supported by the Purgenix™ team as we strive to improve and enhance performance by incorporating new technologies and advances. The EfSA program offers total service assurance and a support path for our customers. It provides our customers with peace of mind and investment protection via the following four point service model:

  • Assurance Monitoring
  • Current Generation Upgrades
  • Independent Data and Party
  • Operational Guarantee

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