About Purgenix™

Founded in 2003, Purgenix™, Inc. is a Kentucky-based company with offices in Kentucky and Georgia. Our main offices are located in Atlanta. Purgenix™ is a company driven by achieving service excellence with a focus on saving patient lives by delivering safer, more pure air.

We have shaped our company to meet and address the air quality needs of each customer’s unique environment. Our customers benefit from Purgenix™ expertise, combined with our exclusive technology platform and service offerings. We strive to become a trusted partner by providing solutions that incorporate the latest UVGI technology advances with best practices in their application.

Our Commitment

We are committed to protecting the lives of patients by raising the standard of pure air delivered to all building occupants, resulting in a more comfortable, healthy building environment.

Before Clean Air SolutionAfter Clean Air Solution

We address the symptoms of poor indoor air quality; especially in the healthcare, hospitality and education industries through our groundbreaking application of ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) technology utilized in the patented PurgenixMatrix™ system.


Georgia Tech Clean Air Solution

The PurgenixMatrix™ was designed to fill a gap within the market for a flexible UVC light array platform that addresses indoor air quality issues at the source, the building Air Handling Units.

The first angled array was designed and implemented in 2003 by Gene Horne and Rick Sutton under the name of a company called EnviroMax.  The result of extensive research and analysis is the evolution of the 2nd generation PurgenixMatrix™.

As the early generation of the PurgenixMatrix™ was installed, it became clear that customers also wanted an easy to manage system to verify and maintain consistent performance of their energy field intensity. This need lead to the creation of the Energy field Sustainability Agreement (EfSA).

Purgenix™ continues to invest in research and development of technology using strategies to identify opportunities to achieve further improvements in energy and cost savings while maintaining total coverage.

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